Thank you for your interest on our products.


Here is some help, and important information about ordering and delivery of costumes and leotards. This also contains information you might want to know before ordering. 

  • We do not make custom made costumes. We have example pieces which we use as a template, but separate modifications can be made with extra pay.
  • Our delivery time is one month, starting after we have recieved final sizes, music of your show, or a theme. 
  • Costume prices include desinging, printing, and sewing with template of the example costume, assuming that raindrop attachment is used. 
  • We give an option to only order the fabric with the desinging. In that case the price includes desinging and printing on the fabric. 



 Other things to know:


  • Other side of the lycra fabric stays always white. 
  • In case the suit is very tight, the colours of the costume fade when tighten too much. 
  • Differences among the pattern do not justify for the penalty for a dress. This is important, because different sizes, and modification work might change the pattern.
  • We do not attach the neck attachments, but we deliver the brackets with the costume, so the collar can be fitted perfectly by attaching the brackets by themselves. 
  • Extra decoration must be bought and attached by the user itself, for example, strass stones and skirt fringe. 
  • The example costume can be decorated with different offers. Decoration does not include the price of the accessories, only the desinging and attaching. 



In case you want to make a straight order for us, or to redo your previous order, please upload and fill our order form. Send the filled form via email to: gazz@gazz.fi or mail it into our office.